Construction Update for Summer 2019

GMG General, Inc will continue the construction of road and drainage improvements in Pleasant Valley beginning mid May 2019.

Last season, GMG was able to construct road improvements on Pussywillow between 32th and Northwind, and on Northwind between Pussywillow and Skipper. The majority of the work is complete in these sections; however, additional work is still needed.

The 2019 construction will start on Pussywillow and then on to Northwind (west of Skipper) and Skipper. Construction is anticipated to take two months.

Anticipated construction activities by street:

Pussywillow – storm drain improvements, road reconstruction, relocate fire hydrant, street lighting, permanent mailbox relocation, and landscaping.

Northwind – storm drain improvements, road reconstruction, driveway reconstruction, permanent mailbox relocation, and landscaping.

Skipper – road reconstruction, and landscaping.

During summer construction there will be several road closures depending on what construction activities are taking place. The major road closures will be Northwind between Muldoon and Skipper and Pussywillow between Northwind and 36th Ave. These road closures allow the storm drain to be installed, installation of a solid road foundation, new curb and gutter, and new pavement. Additionally, similar to last year, mailboxes will be temporarily removed and temporary cluster mailboxes will be set up during construction.

Thank you for your patience while Pleasant Valley is improved.