Project Background

Pleasant Valley Subdivision was originally platted in 1953 with 16 blocks of 20 lots each. Today, the subdivision has 257 residential lots and a municipal park. A lot has changed in the neighborhood and in municipal standards in 54 years!

The Pleasant Valley Subdivision Road and Drainage Improvements project was initiated by the Scenic Foothills Community Council to correct road and drainage issues throughout the neighborhood, and upgrade the roads to current municipal design standards.

Pavement and curb and gutter in the neighborhood show dramatic deterioration, and drainage issues are widespread. The roads west of Pussywillow Street are in the poorest condition. The roads east of Pussywillow Street are marginally better than the west half, but still exhibit significant surface deformation and cracking. There is no curb and gutter in the west half of the subdivision. With the exception of Cherry Street which was recently upgraded, the rolled curb and gutter in most areas in the east side of the subdivision no longer maintain a constant longitudinal grade and do not adequately convey surface drainage.

With the exception of a pathway along Skipper Street to 32nd Avenue, there are no dedicated pedestrian facilities in the neighborhood and minimal street lighting is provided.

Existing Conditions - West Side (Phase 1)

Existing Conditions - East Side (Phase 2)


A combination of municipal bonds and a state grant provided $900K of funding for the design study and preliminary design effort. At this time there is no funding for construction.

A portion of the total estimated construction costs necessary to reconstruct the subdivision will be proposed on the 2018 Municipal Election ballot in April as part of the Anchorage Roads and Drainage Service Area (ARDSA) Bond. The availability of funding is dependent on voter approval of the ARDSA Bond.

Project Phasing

Due to limited funding, reconstruction of the subdivision will be accomplished in phases. Reconstruction of the west half of the neighborhood will occur first due to relatively poor road and drainage conditions as compared to the east half of the neighborhood.

Phase 1 is proposed to begin with Pussywillow Street from 32nd to 36th Avenues, and Northwind Avenue from Muldoon Road to Pussywillow Street.

Surface drainage on the west side of the neighborhood flows west to east toward Pussywillow Street. Since Pussywillow Street is the low point in the area, the storm drain on this street must be constructed first to prepare for future drainage improvements from all streets to the west.

Northwind Avenue has the highest traffic volumes, accompanied by severe pavement degradation and drainage issues, and therefore will be reconstructed at the same time as Pussywillow Street. Skipper Street will be addressed as necessary at the Northwind Intersection.

As additional funding becomes available, Little Dipper, Williwa Avenue, and the remainder of Skipper Street will follow. Once the west side of Pleasant Valley has been reconstructed, the focus will move to the east side of the neighborhood. Click the figure below for a graphic representation of the phases proposed.


Project Improvements

The project proposes to provide a newly constructed road section with clean gravel and asphalt. Newly installed curb and gutter will direct surface water to catch basins tied to a new piped storm drain system, which will carry both surface and subsurface water away from the neighborhood to an existing storm drain system. The street lighting will be upgraded to current municipal standards and pedestrian facilities will be provided on one side of the street.