The team will provide access to project documents as they are approved for posting by the Municipality of Anchorage.

Design Study Documents

Draft Design Study Memorandum – Full File

Draft Design Study Memorandum – Body

Appendix A – Soil Boring Location Map & Boring Logs

Appendix B – Subcatchment Layouts & Peak Flow Summary

Appendix C – Preliminary Drawings

Parking Study

An on-street and an off-street parking study were completed to determine where the demand for parking is. Based on results, the greater demand for parking throughout the neighborhood was determined to be off street.

Parking Study

Design Waiver Request

Anchorage Municipal Platting Board

The project team appeared before the Platting Board to obtain approval for design variances as required per Title 21 of Anchorage Municipal Code. Variances requested pertained to the type of curb and gutter allowable, the requirement for spillover parking, and a modification to the design requirement for pedestrian facilities.

Variance Request Memo

Platting Board Approval

2020 Design Plans

Below are the design drawings that went out to bid and what will be constructed this summer (2020).

Final Design Drawings